Buildroot cheatsheet

Just some of my notes...

I'll keep it updated with my notes when playing with buildroot.

How to properly store project-specific, non-mainline configs and such?

Use external tree.

How to add custom make target (eg. felboot)?

Put it in Common variables, such as $(BINARIES_DIR) are available there.

How to handle image configuration ...

How to use Let's Encrypt in local networks

A little solution for properly encrypted HTTP traffic in semi-public networks.

Let's Encrypt, as everyone knows, offers publicly-recognized SSL certificates. Pretty much the only downside is, that these are only issued with validity period of 90 days. Default ACME challenge scheme (http-01) requires some HTTP server to be publicly ...

How to force YouTube TV quality

localStorage['yt-player-quality'] = '{"data":"hd1080","expiration":1491996902137,"creation":1489404902137}'

(I dunno, for some reason it always stayed at 720p on Chromium)

How to accept Bitcoin in a vending

and also poke MDB with a raspi

How to make a modular digital sign

with Lua

How to use

Don't. Please.

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